Hosting the most diverse karaoke library in the Mid-South
including the best of...
Sound Choice, Chartbuster, Zoom, Sunfly, Pop Hits Monthly, Arabraxa
  SBI, Sweet Georgia Brown, Pioneer, Legends, Mr. Entertainer, Top Hits,
Karaoke Version, Easy Karaoke, FTX, All Star, NuTech and many more

CRASH not only has these libraries but has chosen the single
versions for each hit that best represents the original song
so you don't just get a random copy that sounds like a bad
muzak version you would hear in an elevator!

Add to that our great sounding karaoke mobile set ups
in the Memphis area and you not only have a great night...
but a night that many simply come to watch & dance to

All our 'KJs' come with our DJ database as well...
so if the singing cools off the dancing doesn't have to

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